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Freedom of Movement

I am sharing a bit from my upcoming book "Food for Mind and Body". This is my way of finding inner peace by breath and movement. Everyone of us breathes to live. When we let our body to move flawlessly, we feel free. Practicing yoga is exactly it! To breathe consciously and let our body move. This is the key to our inner balance.... It is normal to have the need to follow somebody's example and to strive to make the yoga poses. Know that the path to any pose is yoga! The pose is the result from the movement. It is the point of stillness. WE are the ones who make the rules! Be kind, gentle and patient with yourself. Notice and register each and every progress and change. Relax and enjoy what you are able and can do....Everything is in the freedom of the movement. The movement with lightness and ease." - from "Food for Mind and Body"


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