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Recipe: Gluten free bread with naturally made fruit yeast

I have always loved bread.

Since September 2013 I have excluded gluten form my diet and I am going to be honest, I have always been curious if one day I would be able to bite a piece of bread and feel no discomfort symptoms. Well, for now I am sticking with the gluten free eating and am very proud I was able to make this bread.

It looks and smells great. And guess what!? It taste great too.

Needed ingredients :

Millet flour 55g

Quinoa flour 120g

Whole grain rice flour 100g

Arrowroot 55g

Fruit yeast 65g

Luke warm H2O 240ml

Sea Salt 5g

What to to:

Mix well all the flours in a bowl. ( I use KitchenAid mixer)

Add the yeast, salt and water.

Mix on low speed until dough forms.

take the dough and shape it in a loaf.

Place it back in the bowl.

Cover it with a lid.

Let it stay at room temperature to raise. (Gluten free bread does not raise much and we do not nee to punch back and knead the dough again.)

Withe wet hands shape the dough into desired bread.

Place it on wax paper in a baking pan.

Cut a cross with bread knife and sprinkle with flour before putting it in the oven at 390 degrees F.

Bake it about 50 min or until brownish colour.

Let it cool down in the oven.

Cut when entirely cooled down.

Enjoj XX


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